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We believe that bringing creators and audience closer together creates more exciting and entertaining experiences.

About Twister Media

Twister Media's core focus is to enrich the relationship between mass media and their audience. Historically, and still today, our main services are based on telecommunication technology.

Responding to the declining advertising market, Twister Media was the first European business to create and realize effective additional income models for commercial TV broadcasters.

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Twister Media operates in more than 40 European countries, servicing over 300 million households and 400 million mobile phone users. Today we generate more than 200 million transactions per annum and we are proud to be the #1 Television application service provider in Germany and Switzerland.

We create and apply state-of-the-art technology for mass response applications. We collect and analyze data about our end-users through various mass media channels. These datasets make it possible to increasingly personalize and commercialize the interaction between media and their audience.