Our mission
And beliefs

Humanity continuously seeks to progress. With technology we attempt to improve the quality of life, be more productive, be more efficient with resources, gather, structure and share information, and even automate our own tasks. Imagine a future where we have managed to automate just about any task humans can do, what will be left for us? How do we find meaning?

Humans are social and expressive creatures, and we believe that humans deserve to spend most of their time being so. To interact, to express, to be creative and to experience. To care, to educate, to entertain, to engage and to inspire. To nurture culture and to find common ground. Even if we have the ability to automate these experiences, it does not mean we should. Instead, we believe that they should become of increasing prominence in our lives.

We want to live in a world where people can spend most of their day with others, and to create, to experience and to share ideas.

But today we face challenges. In the noise of loud voices, we get distracted and often forget what really matters. In that noise, it is also not easy to stand out. However, we believe that everyone deserves to be heard, be it through verbal or creative expression. We believe in the diversity of humans, and in transformative power of seeing things from a different perspective. We believe that sharing experiences binds us.

Our mission is to bring people together through shared experiences, to empower them to find, reach and inspire one another.

We do this by connecting creators and their audience with data-driven tools that allow them to engage with one another in meaningful ways. Our services are suitable from pure entertainment to collective decision-making and sentiment research. We specialize in data analysis to generate meaningful results and insights for our customers. We believe that these outcomes result in more exciting and engaging experiences that bring people together.